Private Training or Group Class? Which is right for me and my pup...

One of the number one comments I get is: "I don't know what training is right for me." So I thought I would break it down a bit.

Private Training is great for:

- Young puppies who are too young to be out and about yet. (ps... they shouldn't be out until at least 2 weeks after receiving their final puppy shots and rabies vaccine.)

- Dogs with behavior issues in the home.

- Starting Basic Obedience and working on Relationship Building.

- Advanced behaviors and cues. - Special needs handlers who need more one on one guidance.

- Busy fur parents who can't make it to a class at a specific time.

Group Training is great for:

- Puppies in their socialization stage needing to be exposed to new things.

- Socialization to other dogs and people.

- Distraction training and really getting solid obedience skills down.

- Dogs needing to build confidence in public places.

- Dogs with specialized behavior needs, like shy dogs.

So What is Best?

My honest answer here is "A Combination of Both." Dogs need socialization and distraction training which group classes are great at. Private sessions are great for establishing a foundation which you then build upon in group classes.


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